Upcoming Reviews

I’ll be slamming right through the gates and quickly descending into the pits of hell, in order to give my reviews here at A Knight of Metal. As it stands, here is a list of the first few reviews I have boiling in an over-sized pot. 

  • Blind Guardian’s Beyond The Red Mirror
  • Helloween’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys

I know these reviews are of two and thirty year old albums, respectively (of course), but I find it absolutely necessary to get off on the right foot with the albums that made me Power Metal  and have also influenced my own composition a great deal.

Hail, my brothers and sisters of the Metal Blood! Until next time. 


A Knight of Metal

After several failed attempts to initiate a self-destruct sequence in the world of the blogosphere, I’ve decided to unmask myself and reveal the very being who has slaved away for countless hours to create the next Holy Roman Empire, the next Roman Empire, and become the legendary Bard of Legend. Behind Blind Guardian, of course.

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Ah yes, thank you, Pinterest

Alas, Knight of Metal is here to deliver to the world what has been missing for millenia: true, unabashed heavy metal reviews and writings. Littered throughout this so called blog is the very foundation upon which metal was laid, fifty to sixty years before this blog even revealed itself to the world.

You can expect Power Metal 101 and book talk here. Who knows, you might even find me reading you your lullaby, but probably not. You need to stay awake to read this material, and I’ll not have! Oh, screw it. \m/